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ElektroKlon - your personalized Twitter bot.
Automated generation of private information for everyone.
ElektroKlon is an art(ificial) product for every household:
Unpack, connect, configure, go!

Get Started

ElektroKlon in der Verpackung

Get started quickly:
1. Unpack your ElektroKlon device.
2. Connect ElektroKlon to power and network.

ElektroKlon ausgepackt

3. Configure ElektroKlon Twitter settings.
4. Reboot ElektroKlon and watch it twittering for you!

ElektroKlon Characters

ElektroKlon Characters

ElektroKlon comes in different flavors - choose your favorite!

ElektroKlon G (live Tweet):
Twitter like the contemporary German blog author G.
ElektroKlon K:
Twitter like the famous German novel author K.
ElektroKlon T (live Tweet):
Twitter like the famous American politician T.

The ElektroKlon brain can be programmed with the text body of arbitrary authors.
More ElektroKlon brains to come soon!

ElektroKlon Quotes

ElektroKlon Twitter Quotes

See what the ElektroKlon characters have to say:

ElektroKlon T:
"Now that I beat me."
"Dems and vote for our great job stopping the American interests."

ElektroKlon K:
"Ein kleines Ohr des Treppenhauses vorbeugen mußte."
"Du bist kein Wunder ist."

ElektroKlon G:
"Sie mit Dingen reden."
"Ich wünschte mir zu werden, das Internet ein."

ElektroKlon Hardware

ElektroKlon Hardware

ElektroKlon combines standard, off-the-shelve hardware
with a carefully handcrafted sculpture.
ElektroKlon is powered by a Raspberry Pi and a Microview Microcontroller.
The ElektroKlon sculpture is made of cybersafe concrete,
acrylic, electronics and a handcrafted glass helmet.
The ElektroKlon electronics includes lighting for multi-colored visualization of algorithmic activity.
The ElektroKlon sculpture comes in a protective, beautyfully handcrafted box.

ElektroKlon Software


ElektroKlon software generates sophisticated Twitter output by utilizing underdeveloped artifical brain simulation techniques.
The generated texts are good enough to satisfy BigData algorithms and bad enough to entertain human readers.
ElektroKlon brain activity is visualized with corresponding light signals and facial character expressions.



TrumpKlon is the OpenSource version of ElektroKlon. TrumpKlon was created due to high popular demand at the Make Munich 2017 maker fair.
All you need for your own TrumpKlon is a Rasperry Pi and an empty SD card. Your TrumpKlon will be up and running in just one hour.
Start your free TrumpKlon download at GitHub, today and join Donald Trump in twittering fake news!

ElektroKlon Events

ElektroKlon Events

Experience ElektroKlon live at one of the events below:

5.6. - 30.6.2016:
MAKERIA - PopUp Makerspace


6.5. - 7.5.2017:
Make Munich 2017 - Munich´s Maker Fair

Make Munich 2017

TOGETTHERE-XPERIENCE - Die Neue Sammlung/The Design Museum, Pinakothek der Moderne München


30.11.2018 - 29.09.2019:
Friedrich von Borries. Politics of Design. Design of Politics. - Die Neue Sammlung/The Design Museum, Pinakothek der Moderne München

Friedrich von Borries. Politics of Design. Design of Politics.

starting 08.12.2018:
Elektroman VR - immerse into the ElektroKlon universe and experience a mysterious Virtual Reality world ...